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Organic removal of slugs and snails


  • Chickens - check your title deeds that you can have them - they don't harm your garden and absolutely adore slugs and snails. Be careful of friendly foxes roaming around - get yourself a chicken coop on stilts and put a thick metal sheet on the ground and fencing secured on it - foxes can't dig into the metal and if the chicken are on a house on stilts they'll be safe.


  • Hedgehogs - great for slugs - but hard to find in the urban garden - maybe adopt one from an animal shelter?


  • Birds - thrushes and other birds eat slugs and snails - encourage them into the garden - only downside is make sure they don't see you planting any seedlings or say bye bye to them (or put a net over the area)


  • vinegar - mix vinegar with water or just straight put into a spray onto slugs and snails - they make yucky slimy slime when sprayed - so have found that they need to be re-sprayed  again


  • sawdust or soot or talcum powder round the plants will deter them - too dry for them so they dislike it


  • porridge oats - they stuff themselves so much that in some cases they explode - yucky yucky yucky


  • Garlic spray - take several large bulbs of garlic and boil in about 2 litres of water until water is almost just over half then put into a bottle. Put small amount into a spray and dilute with water then spray your plants regulary every few days.


  • traps - beer or any sweet sugary drink (cola is good)  - there are many traps available or you can make your own using an old yoghurt carton with lid. Just add some lovely sweet liquid and they'll race to the trap in droves, jump in and drown.  Don't put the liquid too near the top as then they will sneakily just lean over and drink then disappear. Once full just empty trap into the compost heap or throw away the yoghurt carton


  • Frogs - if you have a pond or plan to have one ensure you put in some frog spawn or if there are frogs in the area encourage them into your garden - they adore slugs and snails


  • if you know any other organic method please do let me know and I'll add to this list