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Slugs - are not edible - if eaten by mistake can cause bacterial meningitis. If you have slugs in the grass careful that young children do not pick them up and lick or eat them, as most youngsters remember tend to put whatever they find in their mouths.


Snails  stomach contents can be toxic as the eat a variety of dirt decayed matter, and leaves.  To purge either starve or purge for several days or buy farm raised one which are fed ground cereals.




Snails - some species of snails are eaten mainly from the genus helix (helix pomatia, helix aspersa aspersa "European Brown Snail" and helix aspera maxima) in the following countries first remove from shells gut and then: 


France - escargot:    

Cook in garlic butter, then pour back all into the shells (clean the shells thoroughly in salt and rinse well though


Portugal  Caracois:

popular in the south not the north. Served as a cheap snack in pubs and bars or cooked as a stew. Larger ones are grilled in a butter sauce.



can be found in supermarkets near the cold storage vegetable section (not frozen) - they are eaten boiled with vinegar or cooked alive in casserole (tomato, potato and squashes) or fried in olive oil with lemon


Spain - caracoles and in Catalonia "caragols/cargols": 

cooked in spicy sauces or soups or paella style dish with rabbit (very popular in south eastern Spain)

Every May there is a snail celebration in Lleida called Aplec del Cargol - they receive over 200,000 visitors from abroad


Malta - bebbux:

very popular dish



Ermm more things to do with slugs and snails

Snail races / slug obstacle courses - these are quite popular with youngsters and some adults